mercoledì , 24 Aprile 2024

A Video Retrospective of The Living Theatre

For your viewing pleasure, a new 1 hour 8 minute video montage of films and videos from The Living Theatre Archives.

“A Video Retrospective of The Living Theatre” is a collection of short films about the history and dramatic experimental theatre productions of The Living Theatre. The video was curated and edited by Alex Goldblum in 2011.

Film Excerpts Featured in the Collection:

The Connection, Directed by Shirley Clarke, 1961
Frankenstein, Directed by Judith Malina and Julian Beck, 1965
Street Songs, Produced by Jonas Mekas, 1966
Edipo Re, Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1967
Agonia, Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1967
Theatre Libre, 1968
Emergency, Directed by Gwen Brown, 1968
Signals Through the Flames, Directed by Sheldon Rochlin, 1983
On Bakunin’s Grave, Directed by Nam June Paik, 1985
Resistance, Directed by Judith Malina, Beirut, 2001

Special Thanks to Judith Malina and Tom Walker and the entire Living Theatre ensemble, past and present.

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