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Gennaio, 2018

  • 20 Gennaio

    Man Ray, Fernand Leger & Marcel Duchamp, 1923 1929

    Dada and Surrealism – two leading art movements in the first decades of the last century – radically revolutionized the way we think about art. Both opened up new opportunities for creative processes: Dadaism by reinterpreting everyday objects, focusing on the role of chance and questioning conventional aesthetic norms; Surrealism by proposing new ways of understanding reality and broadening the …

Dicembre, 2015

  • 13 Dicembre

    Bruce Conner (1933 – 2008)

    A Movie (16mm) (1958) | Ponendo se stesso e il suo lavoro in opposizione critica alla società mainstream americana, il versatile e irrequieto artista creativo Bruce Conner fu parte fondamentale della scena beat di San Francisco alla fine degli anni ’50. Inizialmente conosciuto per i suoi assemblaggi (realizzati tra il 1957 – 1964) realizzati da un assortimento di materiali di …

  • 13 Dicembre

    Hans Richter – Dreams that money can buy

    Music By Louis Applebaum Dialogue by Richard Holback and Hans Richter “Dreams That Money Can Buy” is a 1947 experimental feature color film written, produced, and directed by surrealist artist and dada film-theorist Hans Richter. The film was produced by Kenneth Macpherson and Peggy Guggenheim. Collaborators included Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud and Fernand Léger. The …

  • 13 Dicembre

    René Clair – Entr’Acte | 1924

    Director: René Clair Writer: Francis Picabia Music: Erik Satie France – 1924 – b&w Cast: Francis Picabia, Erik Satie, Jean Börlin, Inge Frïss, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Darius Milhaud, Marcel Achard, Georges Auric, Georges Charensol, Rolf de Maré 1989.55.12 001 | BENJAMIN FONDANE, 1er mars 1925 | by RESTITUTIO BENJAMIN FONDANE

  • 11 Dicembre

    Pierre Bastien – Mécanologie

    Pierre Bastien ‎- Machinations Rephlex — CAT 215 DVD 30 Nov 2012 UK by ballacid

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