domenica , 26 Maggio 2024

Mika Vainio – Heijastuva

Long and slowly developing title track Heijastuva is a Mika Vainio’s implementation of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno’s guitar feedback experiments from 70’s.
B-side’s three ultra minimal and subtle tracks speak about light and fragility of life.

Entitled Heijastuva, it’s comprised of four new tracks from the Finnish artist, including the long pieces ‘Heijastuva’ (a loop-based, slowly unfolding study in guitar feedback) and ‘Anksiolyytti’. The significantly shorter ‘Ensimmäinen Valo’ is a gorgeously melodic ambient workout, while closer ‘Hikari’ finds Vainio offering a fresh iteration of the high-pitch synth tones that have long characterised his work.

Ø is a long-running solo project of Pan Sonic man Vainio, best known for 1994’s Metri, a masterpiece of minimal techno. The most recent Ø album is 2008’s Oleva.

Heijastuva is so far only available on digital, but it’s probably safe to assume that a CD and/or vinyl edition will follow soon. While seemingly not the most grandstanding or indeed accessible of Ø works, it’s obviously a must for Vainio nuts.


audiovisual source on YouTube by gabbafm

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