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Nef – vorrei… rivederti

Monografia di Marco Olivieri


NEF film production was born in 2010 looking for the extemporaneity as an artistic method for a better view of contemporary reality, and it was founded together with the NEF manifesto: , a video-manifest against. “ It often happens that new artistic currents originate from the will of reacting against a prevailing aesthetics” – Anselm Kiefer, from LA REPUBBLICA, 19/09/2012.
The focus for NEF is the listening (it’s no coincidence that people who take part in it are also musicians), listening to ourselves and to the others. And listening to the being in its becoming. “In time of poverty, man has to poetize the essence of poetry” – R.M. Rilke.
NEF is a reality (small and modest) of the contemporary (micro-budget) art film. It realizes its projects at almost zero budget and with few, very simple means (are they really few?). “The vanguard film art must be very simple. (…) No screenplays, no stars. (…) Too many technical means are against art. (…) Money is often against art. And film art risks to die (…). To know how to enhance ‘beauty’ in the midst of abundance is not easy. (…) It’s difficult to be rich!” – F.Léger, about “Ballet Mécanique”.
NEF produced several short films. In 2011 one of them, “Nostra Orchestra Estemporanea” ( took part in the “48 hours Film Festival”. In 2011-2012 it also produced a feature film “Broder, du iu paradigma?” (official trailer:
NEF is now producing its new feature film entitled LALDILA’

by Benedetto Fanna

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