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Swedish electronic music and sound poetry

Music for TAPE/BAND – Musik from Sweden / aus Schweden /
från Sverige
Caprice Records
Sweden, 1973



An anthology of Swedish electronic music and sound poetry (text-sound compositions) from around the 1970’s.
Taken from vinyl-record (12 inch / 30 cm).

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00:14 Sten Hanson – L’inferno de Strindberg (1971)
10:07 Leo Nilson – Viaro I (1971)
18:45 Arne Mellnäs – Eufoni (1969)
27:02 Bengt Emil Johnson – Through the mirror of thirst
. . . . .(second passage) (1969)
33:14 Lars-Gunnar Bodin – Place of plays (1967)
37:48 Lars-Gunnar Bodin – Dedicated to you II (1971)
40:56 Jan W. Morthenson – Ultra (1970)

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Visual impressions of the EMS (Elektron Musik Studion / Electronic Music Studio) in Stockholm around the 70’s and 80’s:

Technical facilities of the EMS in Stockholm, 1974

Lars-Gunnar Bodin introduces the EMS in Stockholm, 1980

Liner notes from the accompanying booklet by Bengt Emil Johnson (as of 1973 – abridged due to small text capacity of yt):

“The first embryo of a Swedish electronic music studio came in 1960, when the Workers’ Educational Association, ABF, and the contemporary music society, Fylkingen, together set up a small studio for informational activity, among other things, in the form of a course with Gottfried Michael Koenig as leader. The Swedish production, however, was sparse and usually produced abroad: young composers like Jan Bark and Arne Mellnäs worked, in the first years of the 1960s, in the United States at the San Francisco Tape Music Center, and Jan W. Morthenson was in Milan. When Karl-Birger Blomdahl took over as director of music for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in 1964, the starting of an electronic music studio was one of his first acts.
The following year saw the first productions from EMS (the Electronic Music Studio) and ever since it has been responsible for most of the compositions. Since 1968, the organization of the studio has been that of an independent foundation, financed partly through public appropriations and partly through the various institutions utilizing it. The EMS contains a large studio – a plant in which apparatus producing or altering sounds can be manipulated with the aid of a computer – and a smaller, manual-tape studio, the so-called “sound workshop” which is of the traditional type and where most of the around 350 compositions which have been done at the EMS were realized.

The six composers represented on the record largely belong to the generation which has concentrated to a particularly great degree on electronic music – this is practically 100 % true of Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Sten Hanson, Bengt Emil Johnson and Leo Nilson; also Arne Mellnäs and Jan W. Morthenson are among those who have most often worked in this field. Several of the works presented here are of the type “text-sound compositions.” This is a form which has attracted a specially great amount of attention in Sweden, which, through such things as the annual festivals sponsored by Fylkingen and the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, has achieved a leading position, internationally, in the field. Text-sound compositions are a sort of borderline form between electronic music and poetry in which the works are based on read texts, which are then used both as a source of sound and as semantic material – sometimes in combination with electronic and concrete sounds.”

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