venerdì , 14 Giugno 2024

The A’bel and A’reng – Co Tu and Ta Oi Pako peoples of Hue Province, Vietnam

Undeniable proof that the Pakô Tà Ôi people from central Vietnam invented the Talkbox totally independently from Alvino Rey, Peter Frampton, et al. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ahead of California Love and its descendent Auto-Tune.

Performed by: Ka Ve and Vo Hoang
Folk artists of Pako minority in A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue
Description: “A’reng is a vertical flute with reed. This is a hornless bamboo tube of 36 cm length and 0.5 cm diameter. Register of Areng is within an octave covering Sol – La – Si. Areng is played in courtship singing for couples express their love to each other. The most special feature in playing this flute is two persons can play the same tube of flute as one person blows one end while the other holds the other end in his/her mouth and at the same time his/her throat making sounds of different pitches.”

Courtesy of Viện Âm nhạc / Vietnamese Institute of Musicology, Hanoi, Vietnam.

by angklung eds

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