mercoledì , 6 Dicembre 2023

The Theatre of Eternal Music – Dream House 78’17”

La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s the Theatre of Eternal Music in their minimalistic drone composition “Dream House 78’17””. Made back in 1974, it was for its time extremely long and extremely avant-garde. It was also, however, one of the very first examples of drone music. Since it wasn’t yet uploaded in its entirety on YouTube, I do that as a tribute to their fantastic work.


1. 3 I 73 5:35 – 6:14:03 PM NYC – 00:00
2. Drift Study 14 VII 73 9:27:27-10:06:41 PM NYC – 39:03

La Monte Young – voice, sine waves
Marian Zazeela – voice
Jon Hassell – trumpet
Garrett List – trombone


by Hobbit85BB

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