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Maurizio Chiantone and Rasjid Cesar | Pollution 2016

A performance by:
Maurizio Chiantone | Acousmatic Music
– Rasjid Cesar | Butoh Dance –

Festival EN CHAIR ET EN SON #2 |
International meetings butoh dance and acousmatic music

– Organised by AEA (Aventures Electro Acoustiques),
– Motus compagnie musicale, Le Cube, Centre de création numérique.
– Issy les Moulineaux – Paris, from 6th to 8th of october 2016.

Program Festival –…



Thinking about the body and reflecting on the sound I heard vibrate naturally within me a point of physical contact, emotional and full of energy, sensuality. We know that the human body is itself a physical body, intellectual and spiritual that is the sound with its own language.
But even more it is the extension, celebrates it and back to life each time; every time, just like a sacred ceremony.
The musician who composes and shapes the sound does the same.
I strongly felt the dreamlike and symbolic value that assumes the body in relation to sound and vice versa. It takes a symbiosis that drives the change, a transformation of life itself; and this step, this awareness is made possible thanks to the courage of profaning, dig, break up and then find a possible direction.
Bring to light a piece of truth or knowledge, the fruit of research and between soul and body touch, sound and form, life and substance of things. Pollution is desecration. It is the positive way to break for a moment the limits and bring into the stage the essence of the meeting: Body and Sound.

Maurizio Chiantone

Video on YouTube

Rasjid Cesar

Was formed in butoh dance for five years with Rhea Volij and has taken seminars with Katsura Kan, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Ko Murobushi, Tadashi Endo, Yumiko Yoshioka and Semimaru (Sankai Juku). He has presented his butoh solos in Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, France and Austria. He has participated in two plays directed by Katsura Kan and they toured together for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. He has produced to Ko Murobushi (Teatro Solis), Minako Seki- Yuko Kaseki and Rhea Volij (2003-2007. From 1987 to 1993 he worked mime, clown, actor and theater director. He has linked art to social projects from 1987 to the present. Creator of “Art and sensitization” program where he worked 8 years in prisons for women with children. He has also taught and directed plays with people with special needs. The Procurator’s Penitentiary Office of the Nation Argentina published his book “Inside” about his work in Argentine federal prisons with women prisoners with young children. He taught his program in UNSAM (National University of San Martin) for the career of educational psychology.

Maurizio Chiantone

Born in Naples, he began his artistic career in the 70s. In the ’80s founds On Raku, research laboratory on languages and sounds in which are experimented structures and new ways of creation concerning the relationship between human, media and technology. It grows a constant focus to the possibility of combination of the code, including the distinctive and transversal elements which it is composed and the potential dynamic and creative in the realization of an event. The research areas are directed more and more to that of the visual and sound art. Begins a careful study on the relationships between phonemes, signs, perception and environment in a holistic way and minimalist. Graduate in double bass at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella in Naples, participated in numerous concerts as a musician. Its versatility allows him to range among cultural and stylistic contexts ranging from jazz to contemporary, from serial music to world music, from classical to electronics, to the acousmatic up to pure experimentation. Works on multiple levels of interest: compositional, designing and educational as grow up collaborations of thought and doing shared with painters, photographers, architects, sculptors, designers, poets, actors, choreographers, creative. Many collaborations and events related to the investigation in the visual field and in the sound experimentation. Events and video installations have been presented to: Studio Morra Gallery – Naples :: Faculty of Education Sciences – University of Florence :: PAN – Palace of Arts – Naples :: International Festival Suoni di Terra – Sant’Agata de’ Goti :: Art Fair Artissima 13 – Turin :: Mustilli Wineries – Sant’Agata de’ Goti :: Polytechnic Faculty – University of Naples :: Institut Française de Grenoble – Naples :: Festival Internationaux de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques – Bourges :: Global Village – Rome :: Tuscany of Cultures – Arcidosso/Florence :: Biennial Theatre – Venice :: SanctionedArray/ SpecifyOthers – New York :: White Box – New York :: MADRE Museum – Naples :: Grimbsy Festival/Lightworks – United Kingdom :: :: Pantocrator Gallery – Shanghai


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