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Ryoji Ikeda | data.path

Born in 1966, the japanese Ryoji Ikeda started working in the world of music, a field that he would soon face up to the computer and from which he would jump towards visual creation and the multidisciplinary use of very varied artistic techniques, such as performance and the installation. Self-taught, he achieved with his technique an extremely precise aesthetic, to open the way to a new minimalist world of electronic music.

The composition of the sound is at the center of all his work, including the production of several albums of music, performing audiovisual concerts and the creation of multimedia installations, such as the one presented in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid.

Inspired by the world of mathematics, Ikeda has always designed its structures based on the specific position for which they were designed, combinations of video projections and architectural or sculptural environments through which the viewer can move. His works always have this engaging quality.
All the elements – space, light, sound – represent a challenge for the viewer, in order to awaken the senses through an intense sensory experience.
With its use of light and audiovisual content, of the development of aesthetic mathematics, Ikeda’s works wish to explore the possibility of involving sensory spectator and above all the perception of time and space occupied.

The Japanese artist has developed Data.path for the space of the Telefónica Foundation of Madrid, an installation composed of a gallery about 20 meters long whose walls are formed by two huge video screens. Advancing through this space, the viewer is bombarded by a dizzying sequence of images projected and synchronized with a sound piece by the artist. Data.path is a reinterpretation of Datamatics (2006-), its acclaimed audiovisual concert where Ikeda investigated the human potential to perceive the infinite and invisible substance that permeate our information in the world as data of all kinds. Using these data – computer codes, astronomical coordinates, molecular structures, 3D spatial visions – as a single resource, Ikeda realizes a breathtaking succession of images and sounds generated by the computer that challenges our senses and the ability to perceive and process all that it happens around us.

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