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Mbela – Aka pygmies Mbela

Musical bow from Aka pygmies. The musician used his mouth as a resonator and play a wah effect, the wood stick on the left hand allows a pitch change.

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Ingram Marshall

Ingram Marshall’s earliest encounters with electronic music were in the mid-sixties while a graduate student at Columbia University. In 1970 he became a graduate assistant to Morton Subotnick at Cal Arts and stayed on to teach there for several years after receiving an MFA in 1971. It was at Cal Arts that he became seduced by the dark colors and …

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Hermeto Pascoal – Música da Lagoa

Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo – Música da Lagoa Hermeto and O Grupo playing the music of the heavens with flutes and bottles in a lake. Part of the Hermeto/PETAR special – Sinfonia Alto da Ribeira (Itiberê Zwarg, Márcio Bahia, Carlinhos Malta, Jovino Santos Neto, Pernambuco) by bigfootpegrande

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The A’bel and A’reng – Co Tu and Ta Oi Pako peoples of Hue Province, Vietnam

Undeniable proof that the Pakô Tà Ôi people from central Vietnam invented the Talkbox totally independently from Alvino Rey, Peter Frampton, et al. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ahead of California Love and its descendent Auto-Tune. Performed by: Ka Ve and Vo Hoang Folk artists of Pako minority in A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue Description: “A’reng is a vertical …

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Anthony Braxton – In The Street

Anthony Braxton: Reeds | Leo Smith: Brass | Leroy Jenkins: Strings | Steve McCall: Percussion | This Time … | BYG Records [1970] + Sunspots [2002] by celestialrailroad

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Maurizio Chiantone | Enrico Pofi. Sound Art Zone

Un punto di riflessione sui possibili scenari di un [questo] luogo virtuale. Il suono che dialoga con le arti e la creatività e diventa disciplina. La sua stessa natura lo rende un veicolo perfetto nell’interconnessione con i più diversi linguaggi. Come molti generi di arte contemporanea, l’arte del suono è di natura interdisciplinare, o assume forme ibride. La Sound Art può …

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