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Dicembre, 2015

  • 9 Dicembre

    The A’bel and A’reng – Co Tu and Ta Oi Pako peoples of Hue Province, Vietnam

    Undeniable proof that the Pakô Tà Ôi people from central Vietnam invented the Talkbox totally independently from Alvino Rey, Peter Frampton, et al. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ahead of California Love and its descendent Auto-Tune. Performed by: Ka Ve and Vo Hoang Folk artists of Pako minority in A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue Description: “A’reng is a vertical …

  • 9 Dicembre

    Cimatica – La meravigliosa forma delle vocali

    by Musica & Spirito La cimatica ha esplorato l’interazione tra suono e biologia. Attraverso esperimenti sulle vibrazioni sonore, Ernst Chladni prima e soprattutto Hans Jenny in seguito, arrivarono a comprendere come il suono poteva influire sulla materia, organizzandone la forma nello spazio. Inoltre Jenny comprese anche come le vocali di alcune lingue antiche avessero il potere di produrre il disegno relativo alla …

  • 8 Dicembre

    Hans Richter – Dadascope

    Hans Richter’s “Dadascope” is a comprehensive portrait of the Dada movement featuring original poems and prose spoken by their creators: Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Raoul Hausmann, Richard Huelsenbeck, and Kurt Schwitters. Filmed and completed in 1957. by softmod

  • 8 Dicembre

    Hans Krüsi – Side 2 of Ex Hk

    Private recordings on cassette by Hans Krusi (from the Anton Bruhin collection). “While preparing a new edition of Anton Bruhin works, Alga Marghen discovered some mysterious tapes by Hans Krüsi. Fascinated by the raw and brute contents of those sounds, mixing field recordings of insects, sheep and distant bells with primitive chanting, percussive noises and distorted radio folk songs, Alga …

  • 8 Dicembre

    Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recorder Piece

    This is possibly the earliest piece of electronic music ever composed, or more specifically, the first piece of electronic tape music, also known as “musique concrete” or “electroacoustic” music. Halim El-Dabh, then a student at Cairo, Egypt, produced this music piece using samples taken from an ancient Egyptian “Zar” ceremony. He edited, manipulated and arranged these sounds to create the …

  • 8 Dicembre

    Günter Maas – Audio-Visual Painting

    German subtitles provided. Use yt translation tool for your target language, please. by MonoThyratron GERMAN [English further below] Der deutsche Maler und Bildhauer Günter Maas (* 1923 in Jünkerath/Eifel † 22. März 2010 Köln-Müngersdorf) gilt als Pionier der von ihm benannten “audio-visuellen Malerei”. In den 1960er Jahren erprobte der Synästhet auf Anraten des Komponisten Karlheinz Stockhausen zum ersten Mal die Umsetzung …

  • 7 Dicembre

    Gruppo Nuova Consonanza

    Un documentario in tedesco dedicato al Gruppo di improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, per la regia di Theo Gallehr. Con: Mario Bertoncini, Walter Branchi, Franco Evangelisti, John Heineman, Roland Kayn, Ennio Morricone, Ivan Vandor e Frederic Rzewski. 1967-1969 by jonas evangelisti

  • 7 Dicembre

    Gamelan gong kebyar

    Gamelan gong kebyar from bali Musica “Sekar Jupun (Gamelan)” di Peliatan Dance Troupe (Google Play • iTunes)   by ferretguru

  • 7 Dicembre

    Freedom (1970)

    Directed by: Yoko Ono Sound by: John Lennon Camera by: Steve Gebhardt   by meatcityusa

  • 7 Dicembre

    Swedish electronic music and sound poetry

    Music for TAPE/BAND – Musik from Sweden / aus Schweden / från Sverige Caprice Records Sweden, 1973 by MonoThyratron   An anthology of Swedish electronic music and sound poetry (text-sound compositions) from around the 1970’s. Taken from vinyl-record (12 inch / 30 cm). Jump directly to: 00:14 Sten Hanson – L’inferno de Strindberg (1971) 10:07 Leo Nilson – Viaro I (1971) 18:45 Arne …

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