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Gennaio, 2018

  • 15 Gennaio

    Ryoji Ikeda | data.path

    Born in 1966, the japanese Ryoji Ikeda started working in the world of music, a field that he would soon face up to the computer and from which he would jump towards visual creation and the multidisciplinary use of very varied artistic techniques, such as performance and the installation. Self-taught, he achieved with his technique an extremely precise aesthetic, to open …

Giugno, 2016

  • 1 Giugno

    James Whitney – Lapis (1966)

    (1921-1982) Nationality: american James WHITNEY was born in 1921, in Pasadena, California, and lived all his life in the Los Angeles area. He studied painting, and travelled in England before World War II. James completed seven short films over four decades and collaborated with his brother John for some of his film work. The first of the brothers’ films was …

Dicembre, 2015

  • 7 Dicembre

    Freedom (1970)

    Directed by: Yoko Ono Sound by: John Lennon Camera by: Steve Gebhardt   by meatcityusa

  • 7 Dicembre

    Swedish electronic music and sound poetry

    Music for TAPE/BAND – Musik from Sweden / aus Schweden / från Sverige Caprice Records Sweden, 1973 by MonoThyratron   An anthology of Swedish electronic music and sound poetry (text-sound compositions) from around the 1970’s. Taken from vinyl-record (12 inch / 30 cm). Jump directly to: 00:14 Sten Hanson – L’inferno de Strindberg (1971) 10:07 Leo Nilson – Viaro I (1971) 18:45 Arne …

  • 5 Dicembre

    A Video Retrospective of The Living Theatre

    For your viewing pleasure, a new 1 hour 8 minute video montage of films and videos from The Living Theatre Archives. “A Video Retrospective of The Living Theatre” is a collection of short films about the history and dramatic experimental theatre productions of The Living Theatre. The video was curated and edited by Alex Goldblum in 2011. Film Excerpts Featured …

Novembre, 2015

  • 24 Novembre

    Maurizio Chiantone | Enrico Pofi. Sound Art Zone

    Un punto di riflessione sui possibili scenari di un [questo] luogo virtuale. Il suono che dialoga con le arti e la creatività e diventa disciplina. La sua stessa natura lo rende un veicolo perfetto nell’interconnessione con i più diversi linguaggi. Come molti generi di arte contemporanea, l’arte del suono è di natura interdisciplinare, o assume forme ibride. La Sound Art può …

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